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What are Eco-Friendly Bags?

Bag it up! Eco-friendly bags are recyclable and more conscious of the needs of our planet. Household essentials like storage bags, paper bags, and compostable bags have a plethora of uses. Since they come in multitudes of sizes, you can use them to pack lunches, or as trash bags, shipping bags, or shopping bags - especially if they have grab handles! They’re sturdier than you think, too. They won’t easily tear and that means you can use and re-use them until they break. 

Why Should we Use Eco-Friendly Bags?

As we all know, plastics make up a ton of waste globally, so now’s the time to do something about it. Now’s the best time as any!

If we don’t make small changes like switching out household storage bags right now, we and our children will be the ones who suffer from not taking care of our planet. Supermarkets, malls, restaurants, and even food stalls are making the switch to paper bags. They are indeed the more eco-friendly alternative compared to plastic bags.

Plastic bags are still somewhat recyclable. In fact, many brands sell more eco-friendly options that use post-consumer recycled plastics. These post-consumer recycled and eco-friendly bags can be used for taking out the trash or bagging up items for storage - the same as any regular plastic bag!

How are Eco-Friendly Bags Made?

Eco-friendly bags, such as your paper bags, are made from rolls of paper made from pulp or recycled materials. It is then sized, cut, and glued together to make bags! They also come flat, but you can usually open them up to use them. Some food-grade paper bags may even come lined with a coating that will save it from accidental spills. 

If you have some old newspapers or magazines, you can fold them up and use some glue to make your own paper bags. They’re great as small trash bags or gift bags! But, you can always buy paper bags online.

Eco-Friendly Bags You Can Stock Up On

How tall? 13 gallons tall. For every pack, you get 12 durable bags for clearing out huge piles of trash, leaves, and other messes. These bags are also 100% compostable since they’re made from GMO-free potato starch.

50 food-safe bags to sort 50 lunches. Lunchskins’ Paper Sandwich Bags are 100% compostable and, therefore, eco-friendly bags! One other neat feature about these sandwich bags, they’re microwavable! These grease-resistant bags are also sealable, perfect for locking in flavors and stopping food from getting stale.

Full Circle’s Scrap Sack Compostable Food Waste Bag comes with 10 pieces a pack. They’re great food waste bags, hence the name, because they are leakproof. These paper bags have a capacity of 1.5 gallons capacity with a PLA vegetable-based liner,

Made with 65% post-consumer recycled plastic., Seventh Generation’s extra-strong and durable drawstring trash bags have a Greencore 3-layer technology. These eco-friendly bags are sustainable and they are reliable. Every pack you get gives you 20 trash bags. Plus, the drawstring feature allows you to neatly seal the bags for trash.

Uses of Eco-Friendly Bags

The uses of eco-friendly bags are quite straightforward. Use them as trash bags, shopping bags, shipping or delivery bags, and even as gift bags.

Eco-friendly bags can also be used for makeshift storage. If you’re taking a road trip, sort items in household storage bags at the back of the car. The same can be said when traveling. When you’ve checked in at your Airbnb, storing items on shelves or drawers may not be the best way to go since you might forget them! Storing your frequently used items in a paper bag will help you remember them. Plus, if you’re checking out, you can reuse the bags for trash!

We’ve all got some sort of eco-friendly bag or paper bag in the car, that’s for sure. One time, we cut a paper bag open to make a makeshift mat! This is certainly helpful when transporting pets or other animals. When they make a mess, simply recycle the paper bags!

Are Eco-Friendly Bags Durable? 

Nowadays, paper bags and household storage bags are quite durable. They’ve come a long way! Paper bags are now resistant to tears (but they can still tear - so don’t push it!). This feature is good to know because, as you may have noticed, a lot more businesses like marts and groceries use them now.

Paper bags and other eco-friendly bags can also come lined with a coating to make them food safe. They can also apply a lining to make bags more leakproof, too. Trash bags are also quite durable. Some even come with multiple layers to make them more reliable.

Some people stay away from eco-friendly bags or paper bags because they think they can’t take a beating. Times have changed! With the need for more sustainable options increasing, you can bet that these can handle any baggage you throw their way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a jute bag eco-friendly?

They are. Jute is a natural fiber that’s used to make bags, hence the name! They can be used over and over again. Jute bags also look great - these aren’t your ordinary paper bag. Jute bags are often used as gift bags because they look really nice.

The fibers of the jute bags also give it a “husky” look. That means you can see through them and take a look at the contents inside. Jute bags are usually used as party favors for bridal showers or any other similar occasion!

Are eco-friendly bags waterproof?

There are eco-friendly bags like plastic trash bags that you can tie up securely to create a waterproof seal. Paper bags are not waterproof, as you might have already guessed. They can withstand accidental spills and leaks, though. But water will break them down over time. So, if you get your paper bags wet, make sure to transfer the contents to a more secure bag!

Are eco-friendly bags compostable?

While the eco-friendly bag category is a broad spectrum, many of the eco-friendly bags you’ll find here at PlantX are compostable. That means that they can break down over time into non-toxic, natural elements given the right conditions.

How long does an eco-friendly bag last?

Quite a long time! While there isn’t really a specific timeline in which each and every single eco-friendly bag’s usage date is set, you can rest easy knowing that they can stand the test of time given proper care. If you want to keep re-using a paper bag for shopping but it has a hole in it, simply patch it up with some tape and it should be fine for a bit longer!

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