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Made In Nature - Figgy Pops Choco Crunch Supersnacks, 4.2 oz
Delicious and decadent don’t always have to be sinful. These organic unbaked supersnacks is extremely satisfying and will keep you going during the off-hours of the day. Just open up a pack and get the much-needed energy you need while...
Made In Nature - Figgy Pops Cranberry Pistachio Supersnacks, 4.2 oz
There are ingredients that seem to be made for each other, and cranberries and pistachios are a match made in heaven. With the tangy sweetness of cranberries and the aroma of pistachios, you’ll be transported to the summery farms of...
Joolies - Organic California Medjool Dates, 1.4 oz
Joolies Organic California Medjool Dates are perfectly sweet super fruits that will make you want to leave candy for good! Medjool dates are considered the king of all date varieties and you'll know exactly why from the first bite. Smooth...
Navitas - Hemp Seeds, 8 oz
$12.99 $12.59
Navitas - Hemp Seeds, 8 oz
Get your daily dose of proteins and essential amino acids from Navitas’ Hemp Seeds. It’s also an excellent source of fiber and magnesium. Just add to your morning smoothie and enjoy! Ingredients: Certified Organic Hemp Seeds (C. Sativa).
$12.99 $12.59
Navitas - Power Snacks Blueberry Hemp, 8 oz
Say no to the added calories in unhealthy snacks with Navitas’s Power Snacks Blueberry Hemp. It brings together two ultimate superfoods — blueberries and hemp — for that boost of antioxidants and energy. It has no added sugar, gluten, or...
$10.99 $10.49
Navitas - Goji Berries, 8 oz
Make your breakfast colorful and nutritious with these Navitas’ Goji Berries. An excellent source of minerals and a true antioxidant powerhouse, this ingredient will keep toxins at bay while giving you your daily dose of vitamin A. Ingredients: Certified Organic...
Rind - Dried Tangy Kiwi Blend, 3 oz
Rind Snacks Tangy Kiwi Blend Dried Fruit maximizes the power of sun dried fruit by keeping the skin on for added dose of vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants. Delicious and extra nutritious, Rind Snacks Dried Fruit contains absolutely no added sugars,...
Navitas - Power Snacks Cacao Goji, 8 oz
Snack healthier with Navitas’s Power Snacks Cacao Goji. It’s the perfect grab-on-the-go snack that will provide vitamins and minerals on your busy days. What’s more, it has no nuts, gluten dairy, or artificial ingredients, so it’s safe for anyone to...
Made In Nature - Figgy Pops Tart Cherry Supersnacks, 4 oz
Have you ever been at a day’s end, and all you want is a glass of wine or a cup of tea and a decadent sweet to pair it with? Our Figgy Pops Tart Cherry is a foolproof way to...
Made In Nature - Figgy Pops Nutter & Jelly Supersnacks, 3.8 oz
Some food will take you back to your childhood. Figgy pops in nutter and jelly flavor will bring you back to after-school afternoons. This childhood’s favorite combo, elevated with the gentle sweetness of cranberries, apricots, dates, and figs is the...
Made In Nature - Dried Apricots Supersnacks, 6 oz
Fend off your cravings with these beautifully bronzed dried Apricots. Known for being one of our best-sellers, these fruits are certified organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free. We also pride ourselves in our all-natural process, setting our Apricots apart from others in...